5 Things to Know About Saratoga, Indiana

You’ve already gotten to know Utah’s Saratoga Springs, California’s Saratoga and Wyoming’s Saratoga. But what about Saratoga, Indiana? Get the scoop here:

1Saratoga, Indiana is a rural town located an hour-and-a-half northeast of Indianapolis. 

2. Though the current population of Saratoga is only 232—a record low for the town—the Saratoga Lions Club boasts more than 50 members.

3. The most notable business in Saratoga is Manning Service, a gas and service station that has served the community since 1948.

4. To endear itself to the town, in its very first year of business Manning Service started Saratoga’s annual Santa Day, a holiday festival that features St. Nick himself and is still celebrated today.

5. There are no grocery stores in Saratoga.

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