Checking in With Lucky Puppy Rescue

When Saratoga Living and Capital Region Living honored 10 noble do-gooders—who each represented a worthy local nonprofit—last December, one of the honorees went above and beyond. Dog lover Dan Graham partnered with local dog-walking Instagram star Tim Pink to help shore up donations for Argyle’s Lucky Puppy Rescue and Kennel—and ended up raising the most money of the honorees.  

Five months later, we wanted to check in with Lucky Puppy, both in the “Gives Back” program’s spirt of raising awareness and to see how the $9,000 Graham raised has helped.

“The donation helped us spay and neuter so many dogs!” says Lucky Puppy founder and director Teri Mattson. “The whole purpose of this effort is prevention, because puppies are being born faster than we can find homes for them. This last year has been horrendous as far as overpopulation. We really can’t identify why it is so bad, but it is unbearable.”

In fact, Lucky Puppy has slowly morphed into a rescue that focuses on that specific calling: helping to save pregnant dogs and orphaned puppies. “I personally have such a soft spot for momma dogs,” Mattson says. “When we bring them in, we can feel and see their fear and hopelessness, which spurs us on to continue. What happens, usually within a short amount of time, is they begin to get a spark in their eyes that shows happiness and hope.”

Raising money and forging partnerships to help cut costs—and then of course there’s the enormity of the dog care itself—keeps Mattson busy. “We have seen a pretty sharp increase in the cost of puppy vaccines,” she says. “We also have crises cases often—momma dogs that might require emergency C-sections, dogs brought to us after being hit by cars. It hits the budget hard.”

Mattson’s next project is raising $40,000 for a new building that will double Lucky Puppy’s capacity for rescues at its new adoption center.

“We have only two small kennel buildings, and we could easily fill 20 buildings,” she says. “We have additional acreage that will allow us to build on site and are about to begin a capital campaign to make that become a reality.”

For more information and to donate money, labor or materials for the new facility, visit theluckypuppy.org. To nominate a local do-gooder for the 2023 Gives Back program, email [email protected].

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