Franklin Square Unveils The Market Bar & Café

Mark and Jullie Delos came to Franklin Square Market in a conscious effort to slow down their lives—to be in the restaurant business without exactly being in the restaurant business. That is, of course, until they decided to open up a restaurant. 

Mark and Jullie Delos

This past winter, the downtown market and bar announced that the powerhouse couple, formerly of Mazzone Hospitality, had come on board as operating partners. “We made the decision to buy into Franklin Square Market as a career change, but also a retirement plan to finish out our golden years,” says Mark, who’d been at Mazzone for 35 years and most recently served as vice president of culinary operations. For Jullie, who previously managed Mazzone’s pop-up restaurant division and more recently worked as director of sales and events for Friends Lake Inn, it was the community surrounding the Market that drew her in. “I love the fact that the residents [in the apartments] upstairs come in,” she says. “We’ve gotten to know them and we love seeing the same faces every day.”

But the Deloses never really got to live out their vision of a slowed-down lifestyle. Shortly after coming on board, they announced that they’d be opening a full-service, à la carte restaurant in the market. Previously, small plates were available at the existing bar, but the new venture—The Market Bar & Café—offers table service and a full menu.

On that full menu? Mediterranean dishes with an Italian influence that capitalize on ingredients Franklin Square already carries in the market and at the fish counter, plus a full wine list. That menu will be available beginning at 5pm daily, while a lighter fare menu of finger foods will be available beginning at 3pm. “It’s a high-quality Saratoga restaurant,” Mark says. “It just happens to be in these four walls.”

The Market Bar & Café officially opened to customers in mid-May.

“We kind of just said, ‘If we’re going to do it, let’s do a full-service restaurant,’” Mark starts. 

“We already had the pieces,” Jullie adds. 

“Everything’s here—the food’s here.” (Mark again.)

“And there’s a demand for it.” (Yup, Jullie.)

If their work partnership is as seamless as their communication, we have no doubt it’ll be a huge success.  

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