Panel: Ask The Audience

Nothing beats the word of a local when looking for restaurant recommendations, so we asked five Spa City foodies to weigh in on Saratoga’s must-haves.

1. Go-to takeout meal

2. Can’t-miss for out-of-towners

3. What you wish Saratoga had

Libby Adams

1. Shrimp tempura roll, spicy tuna roll  and kani salad from Wasabi

2. Cantina, because it’s such a big part of the downtown experience

3. A cocktail bar that offers mixology classes

Paul Boni

1. Burrito bowl from Taquero

2. Solevo Kitchen—do yourself a favor and order two plates of the mozzarella app.

3.  I want Broadway Kettle Korn to make a return! IKYKY.

Carol Godette

1. I have Augie’s To-Go on speed dial for their Friday eggplant parm special.

2. Pennell’s—it’s off the beaten path but it’s been around for more than 100 years with good reason.

3. A good Vietnamese restaurant

Scott Morganstein

1. Family meals at Wheatfields with the eggplant stack add-on

2. The Carnegie Deli stand at the track during racing season

3. More modern ethnic offerings like Greek, Thai or Middle Eastern; and a private chef’s table dining experience or omakase

Tiina Loite

1. Pizza from Forno Bistro—especially the white truffle

2. Seneca has a contemporary vibe and Bocage is so elegant. 

3. A très French brasserie/bistro—something  that transports you to Paris 

Libby Adams, Paul Boni, Carol Godette, Scott Morganstein and Tiina Loite
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