This She Shed Gives New Meaning to the Term ‘Summer Getaway’

What if we told you there was a way to enjoy the tranquility of your garden this summer…without the bugs? That’s exactly what Jackcy Jacob of Jackcy J Design created in her own Delmar backyard.

Close up, you’d think you were looking at a regular (albeit gorgeously decorated and immaculately lit) living room. But pan out a bit, and you’ll realize the entire scene—electric fireplace, bar cart, West Elm sofa bed and all—is contained in what was once a utilitarian garden shed.

“Inside, the cottage is divided into a charming lounge area and a compact dining space suitable for small gatherings or a meal,” Jacobs says. “The ceiling height was maximized to make the room feel airy and beautiful, and French doors open to the garden.” Outside is a rustic garden gate and archway that twinkles with fairy lights in the evening, and a self-irrigating garden that produces flowers and vegetables all summer and fall. Come winter, the cottage’s small-but-efficient heating system keeps the space warm enough for overnight guests to sleep on the sofa bed surrounded by lightly falling snow.

“This project was a testament to the idea that any space, no matter how small or overlooked, can be transformed with creativity and thoughtful design,” says Jacob, who calls interior and exterior design her creative passions and her @JackcyJDesign Instagram her “right-brain account.” (By trade, she’s medical director of Ascend Wellness MD, a concierge medical practice focused on longevity and aging gracefully.) Born out of Covid, a time during which Jacob was under immense stress at her day job, the garden shed, she says, is a “well-designed space fit for a well-designed life that prioritizes health and wellness.”   

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