Why Cult Neighborhood Hangout Pint Sized Changed its M.O. and Rebranded as DIVE

August Rosa has seen a lot in the decade since he opened his first beer store/bar in Albany. 

“We’re all sick of talking about the pandemic, sick of thinking about how it’s changed the way we live and hang out,” Rosa says. “But it did change everything. For the first time in five years, I feel like the vibe on the street is returning to what we saw before 2020, and rebranding as DIVE is really a way to move forward with a clean slate.”

Rosa first opened a small craft beer shop called Brew on the corner of State and Lark in Albany on July 4, 2014, followed by Pint Sized in Saratoga in 2017. Initially, the focus was on offering hard-to-find craft beer for aficionados—there were also 12 beers on tap, board games and rotating snack options—and his vision for the business and space evolved quickly.

“In the past 10 years, I feel like all I’ve done is pivot,” Rosa says. “In Saratoga, the space quickly turned into a neighborhood joint that was more about hanging out than buying cans. Then the pandemic happened, and society changed. People interacted with each other differently, and they began wanting different things.”

While the core supporters in the neighborhood remained, they no longer necessarily wanted high-ABV craft beers. 

“I had the same people drinking,” Rosa says, “but they wanted spirits-based options, lower calorie options, non-alcoholic drinks and budget-friendly beers.” 

In addition to renaming the spaces in Saratoga and Albany, Rosa is selling his live music venue, No Fun, on River Street in Troy. No Fun opened in late 2021 and has become a favorite for alternative music fans across the region. 

“I have three kids under the age of 10, and I am selling No Fun because I feel like I want to live in the moment with my family,” he says. “Constantly promoting and booking bands ahead of time makes that difficult. I want to be living in the here and now.”

DIVE, at 489 Broadway became official on July 5. Hop heads will still find classic and cult craft in the cooler, alongside hard teas, ginger beers, NA options and seltzers. Nothing will cost more than $10. And rumor has it, the next snack on tap will be hot dogs.

“Very simple,” Rosa says. “Just hot dogs with mustard and ketchup packets. I like to keep things simple.”

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