4 Ways to Stay Healthy in the Spa City

More Than a Massage

From youthful skin and stress relief to pain management and even weight loss, Complexions Spa is ready to take you on a holistic journey to wellness this winter.

It’s not luck that has kept Complexions Spa for Beauty and Wellness in business for 37 years. It’s the Albany- and Saratoga-based spa’s ability to pivot as its owner’s knowledge of wellness has changed and grown.

“Since 1987, Complexions has consistently evolved, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to remaining at the forefront of wellness knowledge,” says Complexions owner Denise Dubois. “We believe that our professional obligation to our valued guests goes beyond merely providing treatments. It’s about understanding their unique needs and expectations. This understanding forms the basis of a partnership—a collaboration between our team and our guests.”

The latest evolution of Complexions features targeted programs for beauty and wellness, pain, and weight loss that span three months, six months or even a year. “In an era where quick fixes abound, our approach stands out by recognizing that lasting transformations are rooted in everyday lifestyle choices—not fleeting remedies,” Dubois says. “Unlike spas focused solely on pampering, we seamlessly integrate the organic benefits of relaxation with a purposeful environment, inviting guests to destress and embark on a journey of self-discovery.”

Such programs include rejuvenation and prejuvenation packages that encompass a range of treatments such as fillers, IV infusions, microneedling, IPL and more; stress relief and pain management packages that incorporate a variety of therapeutic elements such as aromatherapy, Reiki healing, acupuncture, CBD treatments, LED therapy and chakra balancing; and a weight loss package that takes clients on a comprehensive journey towards wellness and features personalized coaching, far infrared detox treatments, MICC shots and monthly support and group workout sessions to keep you motivated. Dubois is also proud to have introduced neuromodulators, dermal fillers, biostimulators to stimulate your own collagen, and additional laser therapies to treat stubborn melasma to Complexions’ ever-growing arsenal of beauty and wellness services.

But Complexions’ offerings don’t stop at the spa. “We prioritize a comprehensive approach, ensuring that our guests not only experience the benefits of our professional treatments but also receive guidance on what they can do at home,” Dubois says. “In essence, Complexions transcends the conventional spa experience by championing a holistic philosophy where education, tailored treatments and mindful choices come together to foster overall wellbeing.”            

268 Broadway, Saratoga Springs
221 Wolf Road, Albany


Saratoga’s Hit New Workout

Inspired by boxing and self-defense techniques, 30 Minute Hit provides a strength and conditioning workout for women in—yep—a half hour.

Do you ever just feel like hitting something? Thanks to women-only kickboxing gym 30 Minute Hit, now you can…in a socially acceptable way.

“30 Minute Hit is a circuit-style HIIT workout inspired by boxing, kickboxing and self-defense techniques,” says Steve Kissinger, who opened the gym at 3 Hampstead Place with his wife, Katie, in the summer of 2023. “It consists of 13 stations, two minutes each. That means the whole thing takes only 30 minutes. Because we break each two-minute round into 15-second intervals, our intense workout becomes very achievable. You can do anything for 15 seconds!” The end result is a workout that combines both strength and conditioning (and stress relief!) that can boost your energy levels long after you finish a class. 

The first step to joining 30 Minute Hit is to sign up for a completely free trial class to make sure you love the format. Once you sign up for an unlimited membership, you’ll be given free gloves and hand wraps, and then can dive into your kickboxing journey. “The best part is you don’t have to sign up for a class in advance once you’re a member,” Kissinger says. “You can come in any time during our open hours and hop on the circuit. There is always a trainer on the floor to motivate you and help you level up your technique.”

Not sure if 30 Minute Hit is for you? Current members span all fitness levels and range in age from 16-82. Have little ones in tow? “We have a free kids area with toys and coloring to make it easy for busy moms to get a workout in,” Kissinger says. Hear that, moms? No excuses!

And while the Kissingers saw opening 30 Minute Hit as a smart business decision—approachable, affordable 30-minute classes for busy women were something Saratoga was missing—they’ve come to find that the best part of running the gym is their members. “It’s been great to be able to provide a service that is improving the health of our community, both mentally and physically,” Kissinger says. “It’s extremely rewarding to see everyone grow and progress.”

To sign up for your free trial, visit 30minutehit.com/saratogasprings.

Skin in the Game

Bellatas Medical Aesthetics is transforming the Saratoga skincare scene thanks to exclusive treatments and personalized care.

A nurse practitioner with prior experience in rheumatology and emergency medicine, Laura Newey, FNP-C opened Bellatas Medical Aesthetics in 2019 because of her own personal experience. “My involvement in aesthetics spans many years dealing with my own skincare issues and the desire for a smoother complexion and a more radiant, youthful appearance,” she says. “So I can appreciate what my patients are looking for.”

That firsthand knowledge makes Newey uniquely suited to provide professional, patient-focused care at Bellatas, a boutique medspa located on Clinton Street in downtown Saratoga Springs. “We take time with each patient to understand the full picture of what they are looking for and understand exactly where they are in their journey,” Newey says. “It might sound cliché, but the way I approach each patient comes from a desire to provide treatment and care in a way I would want to see as a patient myself.” And it’s working—take one look at Bellatas’ Google reviews and you’ll see that Newey goes above and beyond to make her clients comfortable and do what’s best for them.

As for treatments themselves, Newey says many of her customers come to her for the wrinkle control treatment commonly referred to as Botox, though Botox is a brand name and there are other brands she prefers to use. She also carries a medical-grade skincare product line called Neocutis that tackles concerns like dark circles, redness, wrinkles and dryness that is available only through providers such as Bellatas and is much more effective than over-the-counter products. She’s recently added a three-step SaltFacial treatment that can rejuvenate skin anywhere on the body, and now offers 30-minute IV infusion therapy treatments for recovery after a night out, athletic recovery, or to support clients’ anti-aging skincare regimen. And Newey is proud that her medspa is an exclusive local provider of the Optimus Morpheus8 microneedling and Lumecca IPL treatment platforms, both of which work in conjunction with other treatments to achieve a more youthful appearance.

 But while Newey loves the medical side of her job, that’s not why she’s in the industry. “I simply love helping people,” she says. “It’s my passion and why I went into this field to begin with. Bellatas allows me to help people feel good about themselves.”

28 Clinton Street, Saratoga Springs

Alfred W. Hollis, D.D.S.

A unique, patient-focused approach to dental care in the Spa City. 

When you enter Dr. Alfred W. Hollis’ Saratoga Springs dental office, his caring staff greets you as the first part of a warm welcome. “What differentiates our office is that we are focused on building relationships with our patients.” says Dr. Hollis, a third-generation dentist. “Patients want to be heard. We take the time to listen to your needs and work together to develop a plan that works for you. Our experienced staff are committed to long-term dental health and predictability.”

To further build on the professional relationship, you will see the same dentist and staff at each appointment. When you walk through Dr. Hollis’ door, you will know you are in a special place.

Dr. Hollis is passionate about dentistry. He has trained with highly esteemed clinicians in restorative and preventive dentistry at The Eubank Institute and The Pankey Institute, and completed a one-year continuum for full mouth reconstruction at New York University. Born in Glens Falls, Dr. Hollis graduated from University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine in 1999, completed his general practice residency at St. Clare’s Hospital and worked in Saratoga and Clifton Park before opening his practice in downtown Saratoga Springs. When he is not caring for patients, Dr. Hollis enjoys spending time with his wife and three children in the Adirondacks and on Lake George.

157 Lake Avenue, Saratoga Springs

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