Most people find their way to holistic healing in an effort to better their own life. A portion of those people end up becoming practitioners in an effort to better the lives of others. And then there’s Josetta “Josy” Jenkins-Smith, who went in search of spiritual guidance for herself, became a practitioner and then took it one step further: She opened a cowork space specifically for other holistic practitioners who don’t have a brick-and-mortar space of their own.

A few years ago, Jenkins-Smith, a Colonie-based software developer, went in search of spiritual guidance, finding herself at a shop in Rhode Island. “As I was meeting with mentors out there, every mentor I had told me that I was meant for spiritual leadership,” she says. “It took me a while to actually swallow that pill, because I was just there for myself, but as I kept going along that path, a year and a half later I realized and I accepted that this was the road for me to go on.”

Now, Jenkins-Smith is the owner of Healing Whispers, a coworking space on New Karner Road in Albany, as well as her own practice of the same name. She specializes in the areas of astrology, chakras, crystals, reiki and spiritual coaching, which she calls her “real passion” and interprets as “meeting people where they are in their journey of mindfulness, their journey of spirituality—whatever that means to them.”

Jenkins-Smith currently rents out space at Healing Whispers to two other practitioners, but had a rotating list of close to a dozen pre-COVID. “The mission,” she says, “is to give practitioners the opportunity to bring their mission to fruition in a way that’s feasible and affordable.” Visit to start your path to spiritual healing.