American Bugatti Club Gives ‘saratoga living’ A Taste Of What’s To Come At 2018 International Tour Stop

As you know, this September 7-9, the Saratoga Performing Arts Center will once again play host to the Saratoga Wine & Food Festival. SPAC, of course, will be partnering with saratoga living Design Editor Colin Cowie and his team on the event itself, which will include gourmet food and wine tastings and a farm-to-table brunch. I know I’ll be there, with fork and wineglass in hand, doing a ton of “research” for saratoga living.

Nearby all that deliciousness, you’ll also be able to find me strapping my hands ‘cross the engines of some of the automobile industry’s finest specimens. That’s because at this year’s Wine & Food Festival, the American Bugatti Club will be onsite at SPAC with more than 80 luxury automobiles from its touring collection. What’s a Bugatti? I’m glad you asked. One of the foremost luxury automobile manufacturers of the 20th century, Bugatti became synonymous with the upper-crust of society via its limited roadster series (each ride has its own “Type”)—and most famously, on the international car-racing circuit in the late ’20s and ’30s (see: Le Mans, 1939). The manufacturer was bought out in the ’90s and spun forward as a supercar producer—and in ’98, Volkswagen AG snapped up the Bugatti name brand, and is now custom-manufacturing a limited supply of supercars (you’ve probably marveled at the Chiron on Top Gear or another car-worshipping show; that model peaks out at more than 260 mph!).

So what can you expect at SPAC this September from the American Bugatti Club? I gave them a ring, and they sent me a number of photos from recent rallies and tour stops. Get ready to fall in love.

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