Upstate New Yorkers On The Addition Of Lyft And Uber To Saratoga Springs

saratoga living literally walked 'off Broadway' to ask people a question about this place that we love.

Off Broadway in Saratoga
Kelvin J. Davis from Saratoga Springs told he thought Uber's addition to Saratoga was a positive thing. (Cathleen Duffy)

We literally walked “off Broadway” to ask the people who live, work and visit here a burning question about this place that we love.

“Since Lyft and Uber have been in the area six months now, what do you think has been the effect on Saratoga Springs?

(Cathleen Duffy)

Romualda Ramirez-Clark Saratoga Springs

“Sometimes people need to go somewhere and don’t have a car…come on, we need it.”

Off Broadway Saratoga
(Cathleen Duffy)

Kelley Streeter Saratoga Springs

“I think it’s a godsend. Uber and Lyft bring something great to Saratoga Springs—no one has to drink and drive.”

Off Broadway in Saratoga
(Cathleen Duffy)

Kelvin J. Davis Saratoga Springs

“Definitely positive. I think that Uber and Lyft open up areas for people to have more income and create jobs for the community.”

(Cathleen Duffy)

Tyler Briscoe Glens Falls

“Uber and Lyft attract tourism, as well as responsible partygoers. I think people are more responsible and have more fun.”

(Cathleen Duffy)

Kimberly Purdy Saratoga Springs

“There’s more opportunity for transportation, especially if people have been drinking. They’re less likely to get into their car.”

Off Broadway Saratoga
(Cathleen Duffy)

Matt Ladd Saratoga Springs

“Now you don’t have to worry about waiting for a cab to show up when they say they’re gonna show up. And it’s obviously a lot safer and somewhat cheaper.”

(Cathleen Duffy)

Francis Brady Saratoga Springs

“It’s certainly safer leaving the bars—there are less drunk drivers. I find cabs, especially in this area between here and Albany, to be mostly unreliable.”

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