Carson’s Woodside Tavern Getting a New Dining Room

Anyone who’s been to Carson’s Woodside Tavern overlooking Saratoga Lake knows that the stunning views from the patio are almost as important—if not as important!—to the dining experience as the gourmet American fare the restaurant serves. And that’s saying something, because the food is, in a word, great.

Come this summer, though, outdoor diners will find some changes to the Carson’s property. “We got rid of the old covered patio and are building a beautiful year-round room with two big walls of windows that can fold up,” says co-owner Susie Carson. “So you’ll still get the fresh air wafting in during the warm-weather months, but we can close them up in a jiffy if a rainstorm blows in.” The new space, which will have a cozy fireplace for winter dining, will also be available for private functions.

But even with the new building, there will still be plenty of “real” outdoor dining opportunities for those willing to brave the elements. “Our big outdoor patio space and The Overlook Bar will open back up around Memorial Day or sooner if the weather warrants it,” Carson says. “We built a new kitchen just to service the patio and haven’t gotten a chance to use it due to the hiring challenge. Once we finally get that up and running it’s going to be fantastic.”

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