Colin Cowie On Planning The Perfect Wedding

Our Design Editor weighs in on weddings, Halloween and, yes, pumpkin spice. 

(Dori Fitzpatrick)

Colin Cowie’s traveled more than 14 million miles on behalf of his clients, and he’s been fortunate enough to constantly find inspiration from cultures and traditions all over the world, allowing him to bring new and exciting elements to my designs. He puts a lot of effort into the timing and flow of events so that the guest experience is seamlessly constructed from beginning to end. Here’s his latest column for saratoga living.

{1} What makes the perfect Saratoga wedding?
A stunning venue, beautiful decor, amazing weather, a colorful guest list and a well-stocked bar! There’s nothing like Saratoga in summertime, and with venues like The Adelphi and Hall of Springs, it’s easy to bring your family and friends together in an absolutely gorgeous setting. There’s ample space to set up a tent, which for me is a blank canvas to get creative and make magic!

{2} What’s the perfect nonalcoholic host/hostess gift?
You can never go wrong with a fragrant candle. Some of my favorite brands are Cire Trudon—particularly their Abd El Kader scent—and diptyque Figuier.

{3} Should adults wear costumes to a Halloween party they’re not hosting?
On Halloween, everyone has license to get dressed up and get silly. The more outlandish and creative, the better!

{4} Pumpkin spice: thumbs up or down?
Thumbs down for me…not my favorite.

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