Mechanicville’s Ugly Rooster Cafe Opening Second Location in Malta

In case you missed all the cock-a-doodle-dooing on social media over the last week, here’s some big news for the breakfast set: Mechanicville‘s Ugly Rooster Cafe is opening a second location in Malta.

To those who haven’t made the half-hour trek out to the OG restaurant for a queso-covered plate of carbs, this may sound like not that big a deal. But trust us—it is. The Mechanicville location, which opened in 2009 is nothing short of a Capital Region destination. That’s partly because of the restaurant’s Mexican-inspired, loaded-with-cheese-and-bacon breakfast plates—think eggs Benedict, omelets and burritos, plus “pannycakes,” whipped cream-topped waffles and French toast. (It’s also got anything-under-the-sun lunch fare, which includes soups, salads, sandwiches, quesadillas and the like.)

Now, with the addition of a second location, which will take over the old location of the Malta Diner on the Route 9 roundabout, just off exit 12 of the Northway, the Ugly Rooster will become, to the detriment of waistlines the Capital Region over, an easy pitstop on the way to anywhere.

After a teaser for the new restaurant got more than 300 likes on the Ugly Rooster’s Facebook page on June 22, the restaurant officially announced the opening of the its second location—and that they were hiring staff for it—on the 23rd. In a follow-up post on June 28, management said it was “pecking away” at its to-do list and planned to open as soon as possible.

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