At 40, Verrillo Motor Car Starts Anew

It’s not every day that a company gets to celebrate four decades in business—but that’s exactly what longtime Clifton Park-based Prestige Motor Car Co. will be doing this June—with a twist. The full-service luxury car dealership and classic car restoration service is changing its name to Verrillo Motor Car. “We’re very excited that 2019 marks our 40th year in business, and it’s the perfect opportunity to pay homage to our family name,” says Sunday Verrillo, who co-owns the dealership with her husband, Joe Verrillo.

To say that the newly minted Verrillo Motor Car is “full service” would be an understatement: The company offers car sales, financing, auto service; detailing and restoration services; indoor car storage, transport and concierge services. “Most days, we’re here talking with clients, making deals and providing exemplary service,” says Sunday, emphasizing the professionalism and years of experience of the Verrillo team. “Together, we’re as committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients today as we were in 1979.”

Verrillo offers its clients a full catalog of new and pre-owned cars—everything from classic 1960s Corvettes and muscle cars to modern inventory that includes brand names such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche. Verrillo even has a “wish list” form that clients can fill out for any vehicles they’d like to see added to the company’s always-expanding inventory. The company takes particular pride in its restoration work—especially on Corvettes—and has achieved a number of prestigious awards for its work, including a 4-Star Bowtie Award from the National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS), an honor just 329 classic Corvettes have ever received; and a DUNTOV Mark of Excellence Award for a restored Corvette that achieved a score of at least 97% out of 100% based on its original “as manufactured” condition at the NCRS National Convention. Additionally, Verrillo’s classic restorations have been featured in esteemed automotive publications such as Vette, Super Chevy and Hemmings Muscle Machines. “We feel honored when we’re chosen to restore a car or do a custom design resto-mod for a client,” says Sunday.

Ultimately, Verrillo Motor Car offers all its clients the pinnacle of quality assurance. Every vehicle sold is personally selected by Founder/Co-Owner Joe Verrillo, then given a second inspection and thorough servicing by model-specific technicians. In short, the only thing changing about the company is its name; customers can expect the same fine service from Verrillo Motor Car. Visit them on the web here.

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