Attention, Saratogians: We Want Your Cocktail Recipes!

As New York State enters its second full week of lockdown, there’s no doubt many Saratogians have turned to their liquor cabinets, if not for want of a stiff drink than for something—anything—to do. But homemade Jack and Cokes are a far cry from the craft cocktails whipped up by the mixologists at Hamlet & Ghost or Morrissey’s on any typical Friday night. If you’re like me, your COVID cocktails end up tasting more like the Burnett’s Vodka and Sprite you carried around your college campus in a water bottle than anything Hamlet & Ghost would ever serve.

And so, Saratoga Living is putting out a call for help on behalf of all the city’s wannabe mixologists. We want those of you who are handy with a cocktail shaker to send your best “quarantini” recipe to [email protected] (with a photo, if you have one!). Then, we’ll pick some of our favorites and publish them as stories on saratogaliving.com.

In the meantime—for those of you who need a cocktail made of more than two ingredients, like, right now—we’ve compiled a complete list of 14 drink recipes local bars and restaurants submitted to Saratoga Living‘s Next Great Saratoga Cocktail competition in 2018 and 2019. So make your list, order your liquor for curbside pickup or delivery (Governor Andrew Cuomo deemed liquor stores “essential businesses,” for a reason) and get mixing!

The Next Great Saratoga Cocktail Contenders

Hamlet & Ghost’s Saratoga Sunset

Morrisey’s At The Adelphi’s Saratoga Smash

Sinclair Saratoga’s The Metro

Harvey’s Restaurant & Bar’s Saratoga Spring

Siro’s Ginger Mint Mojito

9 Maple Avenue’s Saratoga Rye Buck

Max London’s The Saratoga

15 Church’s The Saratoga Rose

Cantina’s The Double Down

The Brook Tavern’s The Yaddo

Henry Street Tavern’s Father Karras

The Night Owl’s The (Saratoga) Apple Of My Eye

The Mercantile Kitchen & Bar’s The Mayflower

Putnam Place’s The Saratoga Longshot

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